A rendering of part of the plan area (via City Planning Commission)

Early voting lines in New York City, October 2020 (via the New York Times)
A Thanksgiving dinner you don’t want to be at, aka our best bets to replace de Blasio

The aughts stuff I couldn’t love enough

The Crown: Somehow not my favorite show of the 2010s!?

After a summer slump, the former frontrunner seems to embrace the lane that works best for her: identity politics candidate

Harris Comes Back (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

The arrest of a subway-station churro vendor reveals a deeper problem with New York’s permit economy

The secret Silicon Valley doesn’t want you to know

The Fall 2017 Ignite Class

Notes on the Demise of Pando — and the Startup Era It Chronicled

Sarah Lacy Interviewing Chris Sacca

In the fretting over the Democratic field, Harris’s stalled start is the big unanswered question—but analysis of her rhetoric holds a key

Why is the California Senator stuck at 5%?

Ryder Kessler

Progressive political strategist and campaign manager • Social impact technology entrepreneur • New Yorker

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